Our Publications

At Saakshar Hum Foundation, we are proud to partner with some of the most esteemed publishers in the country to provide high-quality educational resources to children. Our collaboration with these organizations ensures that the books we distribute are not only educational but also engaging and culturally relevant.


Ektara Trust

Ektara Trust focuses on creating books that inspire creativity and imagination in children. Their publications are known for their beautiful illustrations and storytelling that captivates young readers.


Eklavya is renowned for its educational materials that promote critical thinking and a deeper understanding of various subjects. Their books are widely used in schools and educational programs across India.

Pratham Books

Pratham Books is dedicated to making books accessible to every child. They publish a wide range of stories in multiple languages, ensuring that children from diverse backgrounds can enjoy reading.

India Net Books

India Net Books publishes educational content that covers a broad spectrum of subjects, from science and mathematics to literature and history. Their books are designed to enhance the learning experience of students.

National Book Trust

National Book Trust (NBT) is a leading publisher of educational and children's books in India. NBT's publications are known for their quality content and have been instrumental in promoting reading habits among young learners.