Educational Centre :

The project envisions that all children in our communities should have access to quality education and should be able to grow up to realize their full potential. With this objective, we propose an integrated project for education enhancement in the local community by establishing a centre and collaborating with community schools . The project works with children from Pre-Primary to Standard 10 and proposes:
1. Filling gaps  through subject classes in  foundational literacy and numeracy.
Remedial education .Addressing gaps in learning from Standards I-8
2. Early learning Developing school readiness through multiple parameters – physical, social, emotional, cognitive.
3. Reading Establishment of a library and reading programme.
4. STEM Setting up of a science lab, digital learning content, teacher training, exposure visits, STEM newsletter. Career Counselling Psychometric testing, career counselling and career fair for Standards 9 and 10.
5. Parent engagement door to door outreach, training of parents and school management committee members to create a supportive ecosystem.
Saakshar Hum Foundation has adopted a school and runs a centre with a vision to scale it to a bigger geographical area under the envisioned project.